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Abstract Minimalist Painting "Immerse"

Profound depth and enveloping tranquility mirror the soul's submersion into the boundless seas of introspection and peace.

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Rolled Canvas/Frameless/Framed:Rolled Canvas
  • Abstract Minimalist Painting "Immerse"
    Abstract Minimalist Painting "Immerse"
    Sale price$155.00

    Vibrant colors, accurate dimensions.

    Vibrant Colors: Our oil paintings feature rich, vibrant colors that bring each piece to life, making a stunning impact in any space. High quality acrylic, permanent color retention, no fading, no cracking.

    High Fidelity: Each painting is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring high fidelity to the original image for a true-to-life representation.

    Accurate Dimensions: We guarantee precise dimensions for every painting, so it fits perfectly in your desired space without any surprises.

    Well packaged with wooden box

    All the artworks will be packaged with a professional wooden crate. which is a sturdy, custom-built wooden box designed to protect valuable or fragile items during transportation. These crates are reinforced with additional padding and supports to ensure the safe delivery.

    high quality non-toxic odorless material

    Museum quality canvas: Acid-free, archival-grade base. Primed heavy weight 450gsm linen canvas.

    Eco-friendly oil&acrylic paint: we only use non-toxic, odorless materials.

    Floater Frames: PVC durable material. 10mm width, 35mm thickness. SGS certified.

    What's in the box

    1×100% hand-painted artwork
    1×wooden boxes
    2-4×sawtooth hanger(It's already on the frame.)
    2-4×expansion screw


    Alexander Grif

    • Alexander Grif is a contemporary painter whose works are renowned for their vibrant energy and rich textural depth. Utilizing a palette of intense colors and dynamic brushstrokes, his paintings capture the emotional and chaotic beauty of urban life.
    • Each piece by Alexander is an exploration of city dynamics, from the blurred lines of speeding subway trains to the luminous reflections of neon lights on rain-soaked streets. His unique ability to translate the rhythm of urban environments into visual poetry makes his work profoundly engaging and endlessly captivating.