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Packaging Your Art
At Nukeart, we treat every art piece with exceptional care, employing our trusted packaging methods to ensure your art remains safe during transit:

  • Cardboard Box: Large, ready-to-hang art pieces are securely packed in a strong cardboard box, cushioned with ample padding to prevent any damage during the journey.

  • Wooden Crate: Smaller, ready-to-hang artworks receive VIP treatment in a sturdy wooden crate, ensuring everything is tightly secured and protected throughout its global journey. The crate is also sealed well to maintain integrity.

  • Tube: For unframed canvas pieces, we carefully roll them and place them inside a robust tube, reducing shipping costs and protecting the art, especially for larger sizes. This format allows you to easily have it stretched or framed locally.

Production and Delivery Timeline

  • Order Preparation Time: Each piece is individually hand-painted by our talented artists, taking approximately 5-7 days. This process ensures you receive a unique artwork tailored to your preferences. During this time, you'll receive updates with photos and videos from the artist, allowing you to request adjustments in colors or details until you're completely satisfied.

  • Shipping: Delivery typically takes 3-5 days via trusted carriers like FedEx, DHL, or UPS. For special handling, we might use dedicated art shippers familiar with the nuances of transporting art.

Global Delivery
Nukeart delivers worldwide in collaboration with our shipping partners. No matter where you are, even if it feels like a remote desert island, reach out and we'll find a way to deliver your art.

Shipping Costs
Shipping is free of charge, regardless of your location, ensuring no hidden fees.

Safety and Insurance
Every shipment is fully insured, giving you peace of mind that your art is protected against any transit damages without any additional cost.

Multiple Pieces
Ordering more than one piece? We aim to have all your items arrive simultaneously.

Gifting or Alternate Delivery Locations
Sending art as a gift or to a different address is seamless with us. Just provide the desired delivery address when placing your order, and we can coordinate with the recipient to arrange a convenient delivery time. If it's a surprise, we're here to keep it under wraps!