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Abstract Colorful Wall Art "Harmony in Motion"

Vibrant strokes of color converge in a graceful ballet, embodying the harmonious dance of our souls intertwined in a vivid symphony of love and unity.

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Rolled Canvas/Frameless/Framed:Rolled Canvas
  • Abstract Colorful Wall Art "Harmony in Motion"
    Abstract Colorful Wall Art "Harmony in Motion"
    Sale price$155.00



    Larry Richard

    Nukeart's customer service was fantastic. They kept me updated throughout the entire process, from the initial order to delivery


    Charley Augus

    The artistic excellence is evident in every detail of the painting. I'm extremely impressed


    David Snowde

    The packaging was secure and ensured the painting arrived safely.


    Becky Sestdan

    The minimalist styleis unique and fits perfectly with my decor

    Vibrant colors, accurate dimensions.

    Vibrant Colors: Our oil paintings feature rich, vibrant colors that bring each piece to life, making a stunning impact in any space. High quality acrylic, permanent color retention, no fading, no cracking.

    High Fidelity: Each painting is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring high fidelity to the original image for a true-to-life representation.

    Accurate Dimensions: We guarantee precise dimensions for every painting, so it fits perfectly in your desired space without any surprises.

    Well packaged with wooden box

    All the artworks will be packaged with a professional wooden crate. which is a sturdy, custom-built wooden box designed to protect valuable or fragile items during transportation. These crates are reinforced with additional padding and supports to ensure the safe delivery.

    high quality non-toxic odorless material

    Museum quality canvas: Acid-free, archival-grade base. Primed heavy weight 450gsm linen canvas.

    Eco-friendly oil&acrylic paint: we only use non-toxic, odorless materials.

    Floater Frames: PVC durable material. 10mm width, 35mm thickness. SGS certified.

    What's in the box

    1×100% hand-painted artwork
    1×wooden boxes
    2-4×sawtooth hanger(It's already on the frame.)
    2-4×expansion screw


    Lia Morgani

    • Lia Morgani is an abstract painter known for her expressive use of color and form. Her canvases are vibrant explorations of emotion and movement, where swirling hues and bold strokes converge to evoke a sense of fluidity and intensity.
    • Lia's work often reflects her interest in the psychological effects of color and the visceral responses they provoke. Through her abstract expressions, she invites viewers to connect with their own emotions, offering an introspective journey through the medium of paint. Her pieces are celebrated for their ability to transcend the visual, touching on the deeply personal and profoundly universal.