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Wabi Sabi Wall Art Plâtre Art « Flux et reflux »

son élégant diptyque en noir capture le mouvement fluide des vagues, symbolisant la danse rythmée de la vie et l'équilibre serein entre force et grâce.


 100 % fabriqué à la main : Fabriqué sur commande par l'artiste.

• Livraison : DHL Express Shipping 10~15 jours

• Aperçu avant expédition : des photos et des vidéos vous seront envoyées pour confirmation avant expédition. 100% de satisfaction est garantie.

 Emballage en toute sécurité : nous construirons une caisse en bois pour l'expédition afin de garantir que l'œuvre d'art est en sécurité.

 Signature : L'artiste signe généralement le dos de la toile par défaut, mais signera le recto dans le coin inférieur droit à la demande du client.

 Personnalisation : Nous pouvons entièrement personnaliser par la taille, le style ou par la photo fournie. S'il vous plaît contactez

Prix de vente$155.00

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Toile roulée/sans cadre/encadrée:

Toile roulée/sans cadre/encadrée

Wabi Sabi Wall Art Plâtre Art « Flux et reflux »
Wabi Sabi Wall Art Plâtre Art « Flux et reflux »
Prix de vente$155.00

Vibrant colors, accurate dimensions.

Vibrant Colors: Our oil paintings feature rich, vibrant colors that bring each piece to life, making a stunning impact in any space. High quality acrylic, permanent color retention, no fading, no cracking.

High Fidelity: Each painting is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring high fidelity to the original image for a true-to-life representation.

Accurate Dimensions: We guarantee precise dimensions for every painting, so it fits perfectly in your desired space without any surprises.

Well packaged with wooden box

All the artworks will be packaged with a professional wooden crate. which is a sturdy, custom-built wooden box designed to protect valuable or fragile items during transportation. These crates are reinforced with additional padding and supports to ensure the safe delivery.

high quality non-toxic odorless material

Museum quality canvas: Acid-free, archival-grade base. Primed heavy weight 450gsm linen canvas.

Eco-friendly oil&acrylic paint: we only use non-toxic, odorless materials.

Floater Frames: PVC durable material. 10mm width, 35mm thickness. SGS certified.

What's in the box

1×100% hand-painted artwork
1×spirit level
1×wooden boxes
2-4×sawtooth hanger(It's already on the frame.)
2-4×expansion screw


Mia Reynolds

  • Mia Reynolds is a celebrated photographer known for her poignant and evocative portraits that explore human emotions and cultural identity. Her photography delves into the depths of personal stories and societal issues, capturing the subtle interplay of light and shadow to highlight her subjects' inner worlds.
  • Mia's work often focuses on marginalized communities, aiming to amplify voices and experiences that are frequently overlooked. Through her lens, she crafts visual narratives that are both intimate and universal, offering a powerful commentary on the human condition and fostering a deeper understanding across diverse cultures.